Transportation Unit

The Gloucester County Sheriff's Office maintains a transportation unit which operates twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. This unit utilizes both marked patrol cars as well as specially designed multi passenger vans which allow officers to safely secure and segregate prisoners, thereby allowing the unit to transport many persons at a time.

The transportation unit is responsible for a multitude of transport scenarios and situations, and every year the unit logs hundreds of thousands of miles. Currently, we are performing up to five hundred transports a month and this number will inevitably increase with the population growth that the county is experiencing.

There are many different types of transports performed, although the bulk of the responsibility is centered on transporting county inmates to and from various courts throughout the county and state, scheduled medical appointments and medical emergencies of county inmates, transfer of inmates from institutions throughout the state, and all remands to the county jail from municipal police departments when operationally feasible.

The County Sheriff's Transportation Unit can be contacted at (856) 384-4670.