Identification Unit

The Identification Unit is staffed by officers who are highly skilled in the reading and classification of fingerprints, and Identification Unit Officers are graduates of the New Jersey State Police Crime Scene Investigation Course. The Identification Unit of the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office maintains an electronic database and hard copy files of all active warrants, as well as information on individuals who have had warrants but are no longer active. The Identification Unit also maintains files on everyone who has been remanded to the Gloucester County Jail. These files contain the subject's personal identifiers as well as photos, fingerprints and addresses. This information is made available to police agencies upon request when needed for investigations.

The Identification Unit is also responsible for entering all new warrants received into the New Jersey Wanted Person System and the National Crime Information Center. All the warrants received must be entered, with all pertinent information, upon a specified time frame established by the State Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation. Identification Unit Officers experience a tremendous amount of responsibility in order to accomplish this, and due to county population growth we now have in excess of seven thousand five hundred warrants on file with new warrants arriving daily.

The unit also performs background checks for applicants of local law enforcement agencies, the United States Military, and new hires to the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office. Upon request, the unit has the ability to electronically transfer fingerprints and photos to agencies anywhere in the world, and in keeping with a community policing approach, Identification Officers are routinely called upon by various school systems to fingerprint juveniles so that parents can maintain an "Identification Kit" should their child ever become missing.

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