Important Notice: Revised Sheriff's Fees

Pursuant to the new provisions of P.L.2001, Chapter 370 (N.J.S. 2:A4-8), which was signed into law on January 8, 2002, the fees for service of documents and execution of writs, within the Clerks, Surrogate and Sheriff's Offices have been revised. On February 1, 2002 this office will implement these changes. Below you will find a schedule of revised fees which apply to all transactions with the Gloucester County Office of the Sheriff. Please review this list and ensure that the appropriate fee accompanies all documents submitted for the service or execution.


Basic Summons will cost $24.00 plus mileage
$22.00 (service fee) + $2.00 (return fee) + mileage

Basic Writ will cost $50.00 plus mileage
$48.00 (service fee) + $2.00 (return fee) + mileage

County Sheriff's Mileage List
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If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact this office at the following numbers:

  • Foreclosures (856) 384-4604
  • Summons (856) 384-4635
  • General Writs (856) 384-4642
  • Garnishments (856) 384-4669
  • Writ of Possessions (856) 384-4684

Thank you in advance for you attention to this matter.

Revised Sheriff's Fees
Service New Fee
Serving Summons & Complaints First Defendant $24.00
Second defendant $20.00
Other defendant or defendants named $16.00
Returning Summons and Complaints
Civil Warrant $50.00
Serving every Execution against goods/lands and making inventory $50.00
Executing every Writ Against Wages $50.00
Executing every Writ of Possession $50.00
Executing every Writ of Attachment, sequestration or replevin $50.00
Serving out-of-state paper $27.00
Notary Certification @ Defendant $5.00
Execution of Sales
Commission on sums not exceeding $5,000.00 6%
Commission on sums exceeding $5,000.00 on such excess 4%
Minimum Commission $50.00
Execution of sales settled without actual sale
Commission on sums not exceeding $5,000.00 3%
Commission on sums exceeding $5,000.00 2%
Execution against wages
Commission on sums not exceeding $5,000.00 6%
Commission on sums exceeding $5,000.00 4%
Statement of Execution $10.00
Advertising the property sale $20.00
Posting of property sale $20.00
Crier of the vendue of property sales $5.00
Property Sale Adjournment $28.00
Drawing and making a deed to a purchaser of real property $75.00
Drawing and making a bill of sale to the purchaser of personal property $20.00