Nature Lessons
"Learn About your Natural World". The Nature Lesson program provides a unique outdoor experience that cannot be duplicated in the classroom. It gives students the opportunity to learn about the natural world that exists all around them. 

Nature Lessons are 1 to 2 hours long, available from PreK to adult, by appointment.

The Lessons: Sensory Walk, "No Pick" Scavenger Hunt, General Nature Walk, Lake Study (most popular), Animal Signs, Insect Safari, Plant ID, Bird Walk, and the "Back To Nature" Trail. 

The Naturalist can also create custom made programs. Please call well in advance for this service.

Any organized group can take advantage of this program, no matter the age, from preschool to college level to seniors. For more information, the "Scotland Run Park Nature Center Environmental Education Programs" brochure is available. Contact the nature center. All programs meet at the center.

Scotland Run Nature Center: (856)881-0845