Rural Shopping Services

DTS operates bus service on a three day per week basis in the rural areas of Gloucester County to provide rural residents with shopping opportunities as well as service to other locations along the route. The service is operated as a deviated fixed bus route service which means that the bus will deviate from its fixed route to assist passengers who are unable to access the bus due to a disability (time and distance restrictions do apply). Advance notice requirements also apply for deviated service.

The service operates Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week.  Friday service is limited, please see schedule below. Each day of the week the bus service operates on a different route and accesses different destinations.  The service operates in the municipalities of East Greenwich, Harrison (Mullica Hill area), Mantua, Swedesboro and Logan. Please click on the Rural Bus Schedules below to print or view schedules.

The rural shopping bus is offered fare-free.  Donation envelopes are available from drivers for those who wish to make a donation to support the service.

Shopping Policies

  1. Passengers are not to purchase more than 2-3 bags of groceries per shopping trip.
  2. The driver will assist loading bags (less than 20 pounds) supermarket cart to the baggage area.  At your destination, the driver will assist unloading the bags to the curb area.
  3. Bags are not to be overloaded.  Passengers are expected to carry their purchases from the curb to their home.
  4. Passengers unable to carry purchases to their door should purchase a soft-side folding cart that can be stored by the driver in the vehicle. Carts cannot be stored in front of the passenger’s seat. This is a safety hazard and is not permitted.
  5. Those passengers who are too frail to carry their own packages home or are unable to use a cart will be encouraged to have a friend or relative accompany them on the trip or meet them at their home.

Daily Rural Shopping Schedules