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Division of Addiction Services

Addiction and Prevention Services
Judy Tobia-Johnson
(856) 384-6886

Referrals for Substance Abuse Detoxification and Treatment Programs
Rudolph Aikens
(856) 384-6843

Municipal Alliance
Mary Beth Monroe
(856) 384-6887   

NJ Connect for Recovery Hotline: A confidential Recovery Call Line for those concerned with their own opiate use as well as their family members

The Addiction Services Unit coordinates services for County residents seeking help for substance abuse issues

The Components of Coordination:

    A. Comprehensive Countywide Needs Assessment and Service Delivery
        Planning services are based on the Needs Assessment Results and are developed to address the full continuum or addiction service needs in four major categories: Prevention, Intervention, Treatment, Recovery support

    B. Grass Roots Alcohol; Tobacco; Other Drugs Prevention Needs Assessment
        Program delivery specific to each Municipality through Countywide Coordination of 20 Municipal Alliance Committees for Prevention Service

The Board of Chosen Freeholders appoints members to the LACADA (Local Advisory Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse) a Volunteer Board of 10 to 16 members who oversee the efforts of the County needs assessment and our service delivery system. LACADA members provide input/recommendation on recovery service delivery based on the assessment of county needs and/or the LACADA members’ insights through their own experience with recovery and/or their interest and knowledge of stakeholder concerns. In making recommendations the LACADA also utilizes analysis of various industry reports and outcome studies as applicable and is assisted with their efforts by two subcommittees:

    1. CASS (County Alliance Steering Subcommittee for the Municipal Alliance Prevention Program)

    2. PACADA (Provider’s Advisory Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse)

Funding for the  Addiction Services provided are primarily from Two (2) State Grant funding sources as follows:

The NJ Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services for Comprehensive Countywide Services
The NJ Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse for the Municipal Alliance Prevention Programs.

Services Programs

Countywide Addiction Programs serve both Adults and Adolescents through all of the major categories of the continuum of care as noted above: Prevention, Intervention, Treatment, and Recovery Support

A. Prevention: Prevention services include Hotline Services for issues of risk of addiction such as anger management, domestic violence, mental health problems; homelessness, etc. Prevention also includes services at the County Together Youth Shelter and the Teen Center at the Deptford Mall.

B. Intervention: Intervention Services include counseling for students referred by Schools’ Student Substance Awareness Coordinators and youth referred by programs and services providing family crisis intervention.

C. Treatment: Treatment services include Detoxification; Short Term Residential and Outpatient Primary Treatment; Methadone Detox and Maintenance Care; Outpatient Continuing Care Treatment; and Residential Halfway House Continuing Care.

D. Recovery Supports: Recovery Supports include limited funds for Sober Living Environment such as Oxford Houses; and Psychological Evaluations for clients who may need assessments to realize their mental health relapse issues if applicable. Also, there is limited transportation funding available through and for the “South Jersey Initiative” (SJI) funds for the population of people being 24 years old and under who reside within one of the 8 Southern New Jersey Counties.

Eligibility Requirements

Must be a resident of Gloucester County and for many services, meet income eligibility as adapted from the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

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