Worker's Compensation

Disability Insurance
All employees, by State law, are provided with Worker’s Compensation Disability Insurance (N.J.S.A. 34:15-1 et seq). The Worker’s Compensation law seeks to ensure employees who are injured on-the-job receive proper care and benefits while at the same time protecting employers from minor or subjective complaints. The County provides for the cost of this coverage for Gloucester County employees. Gloucester County provides paid disability leave to employees who are injured on-the-job.

Related Human Resources Policies surround Worker's Compensation & Disability

5.6 Worker's Compensation

5.7 Light Duty

6.10 Disability Leave

8.2 Injury on the Job

8.4 Incidents Involving County Property

Report Injury
This form is to be completed by the employee or supervisor on the day of the occurrence and forwarded to Department Head to be faxed to (856) 307-6689.The appropriate Safety Staff member should be notified immediately of all accidents and/or injuries.

5.7 Light Duty (Exhibit P: Light Duty Agreement) 

Light Duty
The Department Head/designee is responsible for ensuring that the Light Duty Agreement form is completed and signed prior to the employee returning to work in the Light Duty program. 

Click here for our Worker's Compensation "Employee Hand Guide"

8.4 Incidents Involving County Property (Exhibit W: Notice of Accident Form) - Injury Incidents Involing County Property - This form is to be completed in the event of an automobile accident, injury, incident on County premises or a County sponsored event. 

Contact our Safety Staff @ (856) 384-6634

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