Senior Exercise Programs

The Gloucester County Department of Public Health seeks to maintain and enhance the healthy behaviors of our residents. We presently offer 4 free fitness programs for Gloucester County Seniors.

Tai Chi

  • This program includes agile steps and exercises that may improve mobility, breathing and relaxation. The movements are slow and uninterrupted and are designed to provide a continual challenge by reversing the direction of the movements. This program provides senior with gained balance, strength, and flexibility. It is a one (1) hour program lasting six (6) months.

         Scheduled Classes:


"Step By Step" Walking Program

  • This is a walking program designed especially for older adults. It is a one (1) hour program lasting six (6) weeks. We will help you find new ways to make walking for fitness a natural part of your life. Learn strategies to move toward your goal of increasing you’re physically activity and improving your fitness levels. 

        Scheduled Classes:

Sunrise Yoga

  • Sunrise Yoga is designed especially for our older adults. This is a very gentle form of yoga which will help you relax and improve your well-being, it is a 1 hour program lasting 6 weeks. Yoga mats are provided by the county for your use, we only ask that you bring a towel.  

    Scheduled Classes:


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For more information contact:

Carla Kephart
Health Educator
(856) 218-4106