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Pitman Golf Course Tournament Results

Welcome to our Tournament Results Page for the Pitman Golf Course. 
Check back in weekly to see the results of our golf events including our Men's & Ladies Golf Associations as well as our Senior Men's Group, our Junior Golf Program and our Open Events.  All events are open to the public and you are invited to join in on the action, call the pro shop for information.

Pitman Ladies Golf Association News

The 2014 Golf Season is officially complete and Betty Englehart was this year's top player for the Pitman Ladies Golf Association!  Betty won a lot of events and enjoyed one of her best years ever, congratulations to Betty Englehart on a great season!

TOP TEN SHOOTOUT RESULTS - The Ladies Golf Association held their Top Ten Tournament on Tuesday, November 4th.  A "Shootout" is a special event where the top ten players from the past season are invited to battle it out for the honor of Shootout Champion.  The format is simple, ALL ten players tee off together on the 10th hole and hole by hole, the high net score is eliminated from the group until finally there are just two players remaining on the 18th hole.  If there are any ties for the high score, a "chip-off" will determine who is eliminated.  This year's competitors were; Kandy Eller-Crook, Cheryl Kaufman, Peggy Anton, Carol Lee Eckman, Pat Lussier, Ellen Hackman, Lois Rankins, Beth Way, Kathy Schultes and Barbara Arnold.  The winner survived four different chip-offs and beat out some great play by her fellow competitors so I would like to congratulate Ellen Hackman for winning this year's Ladies Golf Association's Shootout!

Pitman Men's Golf Association News
The final regular season event of the year ended with a Better Ball of Partners Tournament and what a round that Jim Jordan and Keith Beadling posted!  To get to (-10) under par, both players need to “ham & egg” it pretty good and that’s exactly what happened today.  Their front nine score was a 28 and when we look at it closely, Jim held the team on three holes and Keith held the team on three holes (they tied on the others).  On the back nine, Jim held the team for six holes and Keith held the team for three holes but when Jim would make a double, Keith made a net par.  When Keith made a big number, Jim was there to pick him up.  The conditions were very challenging with (wind) so the round of 60 was VERY good!

The rest of the field was fairly close with most of the scores ranging from 64 through 68.  Congrats to Jim Jordan as he won the match of cards with Phil Bush for LOW NET (69).  For LOW GROSS, Scott Schumacher posted a round of 69, including 5 birdies!  Here’s a quick summary of today’s winners;
1st Place (60);  Jim Jordan & Keith Beadling
2nd Place (64); Phil Bush & Roy Price
3rd Place (65); Bob Campanella & Brian Mulvenna (won match cards)
4th Place (65); Ken Metzger & Don Spadel
5th Place (66); Barry Fox & Dan Anthony (won match cards)
6th Place (66); Scott Schumacher & Bob Dando (won match cards)
7th Place (66); Larry Crisman & Thak Dahya (won match cards)
8th Place (66); Jim Davis & Bob Mills (won match cards)
9th Place (66); Bill Chambers & Dennis Rozanski
10th Place (67); Steve Shanline & Doney Ibarguen (won match cards)
Low Gross (69), Scott Schumacher
Low Net (69), Jim Jordan (won match cards) 
CTP #4 – Bill Kempton, 6’ 3”
CTP #8 – Ed Roberts, 2”
CTP #14 – Barry Fox, 3’ 6”
CTP #17 – Dennis Rozanski, 4’ 8”  


Congratulations To Our List Of
2014 Champions!
Scott Schumacher - Men's Club Champion
Sue Obey - Ladies Club Champion
Kevin Larson - Junior Golf Association's Player of the Year
Barry Zinski- Senior Men's Club Champion
Jake Henzel- Gloucester County Junior Golf Champion
Joe Russo, Jr- Gloucester County Individual High School Champion
Wash. Twp. HS - Gloucester County Team High School Champions
(Joe Russo Jr, Matt Graziano, Mark Graziano, Mark Gormley)