The Blue Bird Trail

Welcome To Our North America Bluebird Trail

The Pitman Golf Course has enjoyed an organzied Bluebird Trail throughout the golf course for several years now.  Since 2006 the trail has been supported by a team of volunteers who take great pride in the proper care and record keeping of all the nesting boxes, which you can find spread out over half the golf course.  The team is comprised of local county residents who already participate in a bird watching group and who enjoy noticing the wildlife that can be found on the golf course.

Pitman Golf Course’s Bluebird Trail is working with the New Jersey Bluebird Society to improve the number of fledges and gather data to help the success of bluebirds in general. The bluebird trail is set up in pairs of boxes. One for the bluebirds, the other for a competing species as the tree swallow. Dale Dietz, our new coordinator, has bluebird boxes on his property, runs a trail on the Mullica Hill 4H site as well as our trail. Dale is shown in the picture to the left with the New Jersey Bluebird Society, Gloucester County Coordinator, Dave Gilcrest (center) and volunteer Peg Urban (right). Peg is also a member of the Pitman Ladies Golf Association at the course and she has bluebird boxes at home.

The boxes are cleaned and readied for bluebird nesting each Spring. They are monitored weekly  and data on each box is logged. Nests are identified by species. Date and number of eggs recorded. Date and number of hatchlings noted. Banding will be done in the first ten days and the boxes will not be opened after the twelfth day. Once the young have fledged, the boxes are cleaned for the second breeding period. Weather temperature and rainfall will have an effect on the start date of nesting and the number of nesting cycles. We have fledged as few as twenty and as many as sixty-two bluebirds in a season.

The bluebirds shown in hand are near a week old and just banded. The banding records will go into a data base and provide the New Jersey Bluebird Society with information about bluebird populations. We are happy to support this effort. Please do not open any of the boxes. Thank you for your cooperation.

Photos are courtesy of Mr. Bob Baruzzi.

What To Expect:

Our overall goal of this program is to increase the number of Bluebirds at the golf course.  Our volunteers will accomplish this by a variety of tasks that include the monitoring each box to examine the nesting material and potential eggs. We will follow each box as it becomes housed by a particular species and we will take you through the nesting period, the fledging period and right through the season as to how each box supports "life".

 You can also expect some photographs of the actual boxes, the nested eggs and what develops from there.  It should be a very exciting and well documented time for our Bluebird trail....stay tuned over the next several months! 

If you have any specific questions about our trail at the Pitman Golf Course, or have the desire to start your own box at home, contact Orist Wells here at the golf course and he will provide you with additional information.

2006 Bluebird Trail Resurgence:

Bob and Pat Baruzzi
Dale and Susan Dietz
Dwight and Doris Weir
Marie Hageman
Joan Wagner
Judy Cassario.