Fire Prevention/Education

Gloucester County Emergency Response has now acquired an all hazards simulator through a homeland security grant obtained by the Gloucester County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

The 30 foot Surrey trailer features a kitchen area, including a microwave, fireplace, heated door and bedroom area with a window escape ladder.  It also includes a 9-1-1 simulator making it possible for children to practice dialing 9-1-1 and speak to a live dispatcher to report an emergency.  The trailer is equipped with a generator making it self contained and features a closed circuit monitor outside the trailer so parents can watch their children on the inside. 

While teaching residents from pre-K to older adults, fire prevention and hazards through daily life situations and experiences, the all-hazards trailer can be adapted to conform to the needs and abilities of various groups.  The County Haz-mat team, County emergency medical service (EMS) the emergency response team (ERT) and the Swat Team will have the ability to use the simulator for their regular training.

Anyone wishing to schedule the simulator for fire prevention education is encouraged to contact the Fire Marshal’s office at 856-307-7137 or 856-307-7138.  Groups of all ages will benefit from the information received. Pre-school aged children, elementary school children, Senior citizens groups, and municipal community days are just a few of the applications for this new initiative.