Mental Health Services

Mental Health Administrator
Becky Foraker 

Mental Health Services is responsible for the planning and resource development for our citizens with mental health issues. The Office works in collaboration with the Gloucester County Mental Health Board whose members are appointed by the Board of Chosen Freeholders.

The Administrator and the Mental Health Board works in close collaboration with the NJ Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services and the Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) in developing a Mental Health Plan and scope of service.

The Mental Health Administrator is a shared position with Salem County and supports mental health education and advocacy within both counties. The Administrator works within all the agencies involved in mental health treatment and acts as a consultant to both Gloucester and Salem County Jails for inmates with mental health issues.

In addition, the Administrator answers referral calls on mental health concerns and is available by direct assistance to citizens in need and their families.

Mental Health and Addiction Services are intertwined as substance abuse and mental health disorders are inter-related illnesses. The Mental Health Administrator collaborates with the Addiction Services Administrator to provide best practice treatments and integration of care for residents with co-occurring disorders.

Click on the links below for NJ Helplines

New Jersey Mental Health Cares Helpline - An anonymous helpline - 866-202-HELP

NJ Hopeline - 24/7 Peer Support and Suicide Prevention Hotline 855 654 6735

2nd Floor - a Helpline for Youth aged 10 through 24 - 888-222-2228

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