Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I go for help?

Within the State of New Jersey there are many places which provide: prevention, intervention, residential detox, residential treatment Long Term (90 days or more), Short Term (14 days up to 90 days), outpatient treatment and halfway house treatment. All agencies providing this service are licensed by th NJ Div. of Mental Health and Addiction Services. You may call (856) 384-6885 for assistance. We will assist with an appropriate service which will then become verified through an official intake assessment by the Service Provider.

Can I get into a residential detox and/or treatment program today?

It is difficult to say whether a detox or treatment bed would be open and available. Admissions to programs are by appointment; there may be information required of you by the agency before they can make a decision that they can meet your full clinical need. There are also criteria for financial eligibility for certain detox and treatment opportunities.

How do I get financial assistance for alcoholism or other detox treatment?

An adjustment of current Federal Poverty Guidelines by family size are used to determine financial assistance eligibility for all treatment opportunities. There are special funding sources such as: Driving under the Influence Initiative Funding for Treatment; South Jersey Initiative (SJI - open to residents who are age 24 or under and reside in any of the 8 S. Jersey Counties); or the Substance Abuse initiative (SAI) of the Work First NJ Program. There are also veterans progreams, and funding programs for pregnant, postpartum or homeless women.
Please call the Division at (856) 384-6885 for assistance


Is it true that the County offers free eye exams for its residents?

The County offers free eye exams once a month in cooperation with the NJ Commission for the Blind: Eye exams are held once a month within Gloucester County at alternate locations (Health Dept., Sewell and Shady Lane Complex, Clarksboro). You must make an appointment by calling (856) 384-6842.

Can I be tested only for glaucoma?

Yes, if you are not in need of a full exam or new prescription, you may be tested for glaucoma.


I have a long term disability; how and where do I apply for available benefits?

The United States Social Security Administration offers benefits depending on nature of your disability, your age, your work history, and Social Security taxes paid.
The easiest and most efficient way to apply is online, or you may contact the SSA by toll free numbers.

Click on the link below for the information and forms you need to apply:

US Social Security Administration

Or, Call these the SSA toll free numbers: 1-800-772-1213 or if you are deaf or hard of hearing, the TTY toll free at 1-800-325-0778


Is there a fee for Case Management Services?

No, any child wih a chronic illness or developmental delay may qualify for case management.

What services are offered through Special Child Health?

A nurse or a Social Worker will apeak with the family and develop an Individual Service Plan based on the child and family's needs. Referrals are made to appropriate community, state and federal agencies that may be able to assist the family to meet the needs of their child. No direct services or monetary allowances are offered through the unit itself.

How do I access NJ Early Intervention Services?

Families who have concerns about their child's development , may call Early Intervention direcly using the statewide referral number: 1-888-653-4463. Early Intervention is a statewide system of services for infants and toddlers, birth to age 3, with developmental delays or disabilities and their families.

What if my child is over 3 years old and I have developmental concerns?

Special Child Health can refer you to your local Child Study Team for a comprehensive evaluation or you may speak to your pediatrician for further medical assessments and referral to specialized care.