Emergency Preparedness

Whole Community Planning

Gloucester County is committed to insuring access, integration and inclusion of all individuals in the emergency management process - mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. The Division of Disability cooperates with the Office of Emergency Management and other County Departments in "whole-community planning".

Whole Community Planning embraces all human service providers to ensure that everyone can access mass care shelters, understand emergency information, evacuate safely and receive recovery information.
The Division of Disability is a resource agency for our community members with disabiliities who may need extra support during an emergency. Individuals in need of additional assistance may include: those who have cognitive disabilities; who have physical disabilites, who have transportation disadvantages, who are blind, visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing; who may lose support of attendants and caregivers; who have a mentally illness and those who do not have adequate support from family, friends or caregivers.

Register Ready

The State of New Jersey has developed a state-wide registry known as "Register Ready"; it is voluntary and free of charge to all State residents. The Gloucester County Office of Emergency Management works collaboratively with the State to assist you. The Registry is designed to assist emergency responders in locating those residents that may need assistance in evacuating in an emergency and who lack adequate assistance from families and caregivers. You (or someone on your behalf) should register if you may find it difficult to get to safety with family or friends or to a public shelter during an emergency evacuation, because of a physical or cognitive disability, communication barrier, or lack of transportation.
Remember, your priority should be to relocate with a family member or friend first.
To view the Gloucester County Register Ready Brochure click this link -> Register Ready Brochure

How to Register

There are several ways to complete the Register Ready Form:

1. CALL TOLL FREE 211 to register by telephone; TTY/TTD translation services are available

2. Fill out the form directly online at : NJ Special Needs Registry

3. If you prefer to complete the form manually, click here to print NJ Special Needs Registry Form .
    After you complete the form mail to:
    Gloucester County Division of Human & Disability Services
    Attn: Inez Nelson
    115 Budd Blvd.
    West Deptford, NJ 08096

4. Call the Division of Disability Services at: (856) 384-6842 

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