Weights & Measures

Department of Weights & Measures
1200 North Delsea Drive
Clayton, New Jersey 08312

The service mission of the Office of Weights & Measures is to protect the buyer and seller in all monetary transactions that use weight, measure and count.

Investigators from our Weights and Measures Division visit over eight hundred business locations each year. This includes corner stores, large markets, warehouses, gas stations, oil dealers and many other establishments, to test and verify the accuracy of weighing and measuring devices.

Using a calibrated container for fluid measuring, over 100 service stations, gasoline and kerosene pumps are tested for accuracy on a yearly basis. Standard weights are used to check for accuracy in meats, produce and platform scales. The Superintendent and his assistant seal, certify pumps, metering devices and scales when they are found to be accurate within allowable tolerances. The Office of Weights and Measures also spot checks service stations for octane accuracy.

The Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent respond to consumer complaints by investigating or testing as the situation demands. The contents of pre-packaged goods are examined and checked to determine the accuracy of labeling practices.

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Robert J. Pandola, Sr. - Superintendent
Weights and Measures    

Mary Machristie
Investigator - Consumer Affairs

Karen Crumsho
Assistant Superintendent of Weights and Measures 

ROBERT M. DAMMINGER, Freeholder Director

Lyman Barnes, Freeholder Liaison