Spay and Neuter Clinic

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(Clayton, NJ) –  “This is a win-win for our residents, our taxpayers and the animals.  The Shelter currently pays more for spay/neuter services then it charges for the adoption fee of the animal, and that cost is now prohibitive,” stated Freeholder Christy.

“This clinic will enable us to save more lives by adopting out more animals,” Christy said.

Animals adopted from the GCAS are required to be spayed/neutered as a condition of their adoption.  That cost, and the cost of vaccines are included in the $125 (dog) and $95 (cat) adoption fee.

Christy said, “We are going to be looking for the successful operator of this clinic to also include microchipping in the standard fee it charges residents for spay/neuter and vaccine services.  Currently that is an extra fee charged for an adopted dog or cat.”

The construction of the building is mostly supported mostly by donation dollars with a large sum coming from the Estate of Edward and Marion Klaisz of Woodbury.  While the construction is going on through the year the county will request proposals for the operation and maintenance of the clinic.

The 4,320 square foot building will house prep, surgery, recovery, waiting and drop off and pick up rooms for dogs and cats is expected to open in mid 2015.