Donate To Us

The Gloucester County Animal Shelter is very grateful to those who like to donate items and money for the animals. Below is a list of ways that you can donate to the Animal Shelter and help us to take care of the people and homeless animals of Gloucester County.

The days and nights are getting colder and Kuranda beds help keep the dogs off of the cement floor! We don't have enough for all our kennels and we do use blankets but these beds really do help the dogs from getting cold.
If you would like to help the dogs by purchasing a bed, you can purchase it through the link below. The beds will be delivered directly to our shelter and because the bed is being bought for a shelter it is at a reduced rate and 100% tax deductible. Thanks for donating to our shelter!

 The Gloucester County Animal Shelter invites you to be a part of a very special
commemorative opportunity by purchasing a personalized engraved tile!

These customized, laser-engraved tiles will be installed in the current Animal Shelter building as well as Gloucester County's first ever Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic and will become an eternal reminder of your compassion for animals.  The money collected from each tile will be used to help continue saving thousands of animals lives each and every year. 

The engraving possibilities are endless!
The tile may be in memory of a beloved pet, a tribute to a current pet or a celebration of a new pet.
Two sizes are available:

4" X 8" for $150   or   8" X 8" for $500

All donations are tax deductible.
Each self-customized tile donated will be permanently on display on walls either in the Animal Shelter or the new Clinic. 
When complete, these areas will serve as a memorial place for the pets and volunteers of Gloucester County.
Now is your chance to support the Gloucester County Animal Shelter with a donation that will last a lifetime!
To Order a Donated Tile, Click the Bricks below!

Please be aware that we can not accept any medical supplies for humans or any supplies that are expired.
Many of these items are not suitable for animals. But we want to thank you for thinking about us!

Fabric softener sheets
Anti-bacterial hand soap (any type)
Spray Bottles (16oz-22oz)
Bleach, Laundry Detergent -
HE only please
Cascade powdered dishwasher detergent
Paper towels

Canned cat food with pull tops
Small animal food (guinea pig, hamster, rabbit, ferret, etc)
Dog and cat treats
Wild bird seed

Hard rubber dog toys (ex.Kong Brand)
Plastic balls and Catnip toys for cats
Naturalized sterilized bones (hickory flavor is best)

Lint brushes, (disposable), old towels and blankets,
Heating Pads,
Paper Plates 6” round
Used tennis balls
Sticky note pads
AA batteries, AAA batteries
Duct tape
Clear gallon size zipper bags
Small coffee cans
Frontline, Advantage for dogs and cats
Petsmart Gift Card

Interested in supporting Gloucester County Animal Shelter from the comfort of your home? If you are an animal lover and want to make a difference in the lives of homeless pets, there are lots of things in addition to financial donations that the Gloucester County Animal Shelter needs in order to care for the homeless pets we oversee each day in our shelter. Please view our Amazon Wish List to see what we need most for our homeless animals. Conveniently select items from the wish list and they will be shipped directly to the Animal Shelter! This holiday season, we’re most in need of the items listed in the link.


Monetary Donations can be made by cash, credit card, check or money orders, made payable to: Gloucester County Animal Shelter
To make a donation through the mail, print out the form below and send in with your donation.

Monetary Donation (PDF)

Making a donation in memory of a loved one is a wonderful way to honor their memory. Memorial donations can be made to the Gloucester County Animal Shelter in the form of cash, check, money order or credit card. If your donation will be placed in the mail, please include the person's name that your donation is in memory of. Acknowledgements can gladly be sent to families. Please include the information of where we can send the acknowledgement!

To make a donation to the Animal Shelter through PayPal,
Click Below!


Our friends at Pets that Rule are hosting a fundraiser for our Animal Shelter! When you make a purchase from them and enter promo code HELP at checkout, will make a donation to our Shelter! So make sure you stop by and check out what they have! They are your one stop shop for everything for your pet. Whether you own dogs, cats, birds, horses, small pets or even exotic animals, you're sure to find something great! Just click the photo below and see what they have for your pet!